No more shorts! / by and Play

Happy September! My favorite season is finally upon us (or at least right around the corner)! I am tucking away my shorts into the depths of my closet and dusting off my much missed sweaters. The 80 degree weather will not be a deterrent. If the people wearing booty shorts all over the city would do the same I would be eternally grateful. I am sick of summer with all of the hot subway stations and am completely ready to say ‘hello’ to hot apple cider, fresh notebooks, and cozy socks. To properly say 'goodbye', though, I will post a couple of my favorite summer things...


 This new season is bringing so many exciting things with andPlay and I can hardly wait for it all to begin--I just need Hannah to get back to NYC already! We have had scores from Jesse Diener-Bennet and David Bird for a bit, and I just received the score from Ian Ng this week. In the coming weeks we will have some posts up about their works and little interviews with them so that we can all get to know each other better! In the meantime check out their websites and send them some love!

What are YOU most excited about this fall? Upcoming concerts, seasonal beverages, the changing leaves? We would love to hear from you!