Knickknacks / by and Play

Truth time. I am a major sucker for knickknacks and tiny items. I was the kid growing up who couldn’t leave the house without her polly pocket or tiny animal figurines.  I really liked when my toys fit into the pockets of my favorite purple Lion King dress or lilac overall shorts (because purple was WAY more sophisticated than pink). I also had a collection of various turtle figurines that people would bring me from all over the world. I displayed them proudly on top of my dresser along with a couple of other odds and ends that brought me great joy!

Not much has changed in the past twenty-four years. My favorite items are tiny and can be seen peeking out of corners all around my apartment. 


Knickknacks also happens to be the name of a piece by George Tsontakis that andPlay performed on our July concert in the Concerts on the Slope series. It is a piece made up of seven short-ish movements. Each has a distinct character and could probably stand alone, but what is a mantlepiece with only one knickknack on it? They tend to get more fun in numbers! Here are some clips...

Knickknacks II. Goodnight Lullaby (Tomorrow Much Sweeter) 

V. Shufflin' (clip)