For your Winter-y Weekend / by and Play

Hello my party people! What are you all up to this weekend? andPlay had a meeting with a composer yesterday about writing a piece for us to be performed on our May concert at the Firehouse Space. It was super fun and we will have more details coming soon!

Other than that, I will mainly be practicing and snuggling up on my couch with a cappuccino and The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. What is everyone else reading? I have an ongoing list of books to read, but it would be great to branch out and get some recommendations from friends!

I may bake this weekend. As should you. How about some brown butter doughnuts? They are worth buying the pan for. Trust me.

Have you read this article in The New Yorker that is responding to the Slate article from last week saying that classical music is dead? Do it.

Here is a song for your weekend. I have been listening to Francoise Hardy nonstop for the past week. Perfect music for this time of year (and daydreaming that I am in France).

I am thinking about never using shampoo again. Has anyone tried this before?

Who else wants to scarf down this entire loaf in one sitting? Holla hollaaaa!