Welcome back! And NUNC! 2 / by and Play

We're back! (Dual meanings: it's been a while since we posted on our blog, and we just got back from the NUNC! 2 conference at Northwestern University.)

Highlights of our trip included:

1. Performing David Bird's Bezier to an entirely new audience!

2. The (sometimes overwhelming) quantity of interesting speakers and performances throughout the weekend. We especially enjoyed seeing Third Coast Percussion, an amazing group we had never seen before!

3. Finding our new favorite spots in Evanston: Brothers K Coffeehouse, Hoosier Mama Pie Company, Mt. Everest Restaurant (Indian and Himalayan buffet!), and of course, just enjoying Lake Michigan!

Thanks so much to the NUNC! 2 conference staff and the Bienen School of Music for having us and organizing such a great weekend!

And, we will be attempting to post regularly from now on, so see you next Wednesday!


andLiked this week: Metropolis Coffee Company -- we drank their beans every day at the Brothers K!