andThankful / by and Play

Sometimes life is hard and it is tough to remember to be thankful for the wonderful people and experiences we have in our lives. I notice myself going about my day to day life not thinking about how incredible it is that I am living in the city of elementary school Maya's dreams, playing music that I love, and surrounded by amazingly interesting and passionate friends and colleagues.

There aren't many times in the year where it is appropriate to thank people for being in your life without making them nervous or sounding wayyy too cheesy, but thanksgiving is definitely the time where layering on the cheese is A-okay.

**New and old friends (and even all of you future friends out there waiting to happen), I am incredibly grateful for you.**

Now enough of the mushy gushy and on to some lists! Here are some recipes we are drooling over and a compilation of things that Hannah and I are thankful for.


1.) This Greek Pumpkin and Leek pie looks INSANE.  -H

2.) I want these biscuits with everything. Cranberry sauce, gravy, turkey, you name it I will eat it with these. -M

3.) Layers upon layers of crepe.  -H

5.) An Aperol Spritz sounds like the perfect holiday drink to help hold on to that cheer. -M

andThankful for...

a few days off of school! -H

hanging out with my intelligent, witty, and charismatic younger brothers. -M

the nice long Fall that we have been having. -H

a holiday where my love for pies is celebrated! -M

having so many wonderful collaborators and colleagues that inspire us daily! H&M

What are you thankful for?