Gifts for the Giving / by and Play

Boxes, wrapping paper, and name tags, oh my! It is the time of year when you think about what little (or large) gifts will be the perfect thing to tell someone that you care about them. We know that your inbox and social media feeds are probably filled to the brim with gift lists, but humor us and let us add our two-cents!

1.) The swanky string player in your life? Give them the MOST BLING rosin of all time (Maya has her students convinced that it is made with magic).

2.) A baker in the family? No problem! Give them the beautiful and super useful Amy's Bread revised and updated Cookbook. Nothing says love like hinting that you want them to make chocolate sourdough twists for you.

3.) Coffee? How about a lovely Chemex and hand grinder! Help make their morning more relaxing yet invigorating.

4.) A friend keeps forgetting about dates and rehearsals? A simple yet elegant Moleskin pocket planner is the answer to (most of) their prayers.

5.) A friend who loves the written word and missing their subway stop? The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon . Get  a copy for yourself too--you deserve it.

6.) Know someone with a discman, boombox, computer, or record player? Yes? Then they will LOVE these albums! Tigue Peaks and Will Mason Ensemble Beams of the Huge Nights. All of the ears should hear these! Follow them on all of their social medias and get into it.

7.) Artsy friend with a love for small bags to put inside of their larger bags? Check out the etsy page of friend of andPlay, Grace Engel (we have a fun collab in the works that you should get pumped about). Follow her on instagram too, her art rocks. And while you are at it check out our friend from across the pond, Julia Vogl's new online art shop too!  

8.) Do you know a world traveler who is in to the fancier sides of life? Check out this INCREDIBLE weekender bag from Cuyana that Hannah just got for herself and consider how much more luxurious your life would be at the airport if you (or your loved ones) had one too.

9.) Do you know someone with a heart? Gilmore Girls DVD box set. Enough said.


That's all for the gift list, folks! hApPy HoLiDaYs and have fun!!