Composer Highlight: Jonah Rosenberg / by and Play

Tell us a bit about your piece.

I'm interested in ambient mechanical/electrical sound, the way they relate to how we hear harmonic spectra and the sound's relationship to our intuition.

With this piece for andPlay + Martha I'm trying to give organismal properties to these kinds of environmental musics, putting some fur on those mechanical legs.

I am also trying extraordinarily hard to compose something superb.


Did you have any particularly invigorating or difficult times writing your piece for andPlay + Martha?


Something I've been talking about quite a bit when I discuss this piece is how difficult it is to write music that is very quiet, it took a lot of brain energy and time sitting blowing air through my soprano saxophone to figure out what this music was going to sound like.


What music has most recently inspired you (to dance, sing, be a better person, etc.)?

I can't say I was blown away frequently enough by the records released in 2015, though I did listen to the Kendrick record quite a bit, which is amazing, and the new Threadgill record "In for a Penny, In for a Pound" was great. I also rediscovered recently Julius Hemphill's classic "Reflections".


You are stranded on a desert island. What snack do you bring?

Cashews and I just got a jar of coconut oil...

but if it's a desert island they probably already have these things? maybe? desert island or deserted island?

dessert island? send me to dessert island.


Lastly, do you have a fun fact that you learned recently?

Apparently the Milky Way is full of weird invisible noodles, according to astronomers.


If you need more Jonah head on over to his nifty W E B S I T E!