Composer Highlight: Joel Rust / by and Play

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We were excited when Joel Rust approached us about working on a piece together and playing a concert on the Waverly Project at NYU. We had a wonderful workshop experience, and it was a bonus that Joel is just the nicest! If you have a free evening mark your calendars and come out to the show to the hear the premiere of Vanishing Point and some other wonderful pieces on February 15th at 8pm in the NYU Department of Music (24 Waverly Place, Room 268)!


Use three words to describe Vanishing Point.

lush, cold, contemplative.

What your process like while writing this piece?

For the first time, I created most of the live electronic environment before I began writing any notes – so when I did, it was strange to write for the instrument+electronics assemblage, but it made for an engaging constraint. I think I spent more time than usual staring at blank pieces of paper, but it was time well spent.

Have you seen art, heard a song, or read a book recently that just blew you away?

I'm currently reading The Last Shade Tree by Margaret Panofsky, who's also my viola da gamba teacher! It's a gorgeously rich magical realist novel which becomes really gritty and visceral. 

What is your ultimate last-day-on-earth snack?

"Have you ever put a donut in the microwave?"

Tell us something we don’t know (about you or anything in the universe).

Bats aren't blind! They just also have their sonar to help them hunt at night. They can probably see better than we can.


For more info about Joel visit his website!