Composer Highlight: Anthony Vine / by and Play


We couldn’t be more excited to be working with Anthony Vine on this beautiful duo that he wrote for us this Spring! If you are in NYC, the premiere is April 12th at 7pm at Areté Venue & Gallery and we would love to see you there!

Tell us a bit about your piece? What inspired it?

In Terrain, the approach to playing the violin and viola is reversed: one bows near the nut, and the nodes / touch points—established by interwoven paper clips, rather than finger pressure—are near the bridge. The bow is drawn with very lightly and carefully to produce a spectral haze of complex resultant tones. These sonorities are cast in a monochromatic plane that constantly flickers with every slight shift in bow pressure and placement.

It is hard to pinpoint an explicit source of inspiration, but a few scattered things come to mind: the shimmering black paintings of Rauschenberg, the undulating cinder cones along route 395, and the poems of Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge.

If you had to describe the piece with one word what would it be?


What is bringing you joy these days?

Visiting Anza-Borrego, eating burritos after 8pm, and watching old movies (with subtitles) at Live Wire.

What music have you had on repeat this month?

Offset, Sarah Davachi, and Olivier Demeaux.

Tell us something we don’t know (about yourself or the world at large).

Once in a while, I like to fire up Max and listen to two closely related sine waves that create interference patterns of twenty to thirty minutes, sometimes an hour or so.

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