HAPPY 2014! / by and Play

Oh my! I can't even believe how quickly November and December have flown by! A new year is always so exciting and full of possibility. I think about the year that has passed and how different things are now from how they were at the end of 2012. I love resolutions and always make WAY too many for me to keep, and I recognize it, but  continue to do it. I feel like I am striving towards a goal, and even if it is impossible for me to write a letter every week, travel more, stop biting my nails, run every day, read three books a month, volunteer at an animal shelter, knit a pair of socks, become more like Martha Stewart, and practice my thirds and tenths every day, I still like writing them all down and doing a little more of all of those things during the year. 

andPlay has some exciting concerts this coming year, and I always look forward to the intense rehearsal periods. What could be better than hanging out with a dear friend and playing fun music?! This year I am resolved to make an andPlay tour happen. It will be lots of work and planning, but a tour would be the perfect way to kick off the fall semester running! I will keep you all updated (I am so sorry for my long radio silence--nothing since our October show!). 

I am looking forward to a 2014 full of friends, sparkles, and new music! xoxo, M