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Sometimes I like to get on my computer in the mornings while drinking my green (or purple) smoothie and first cup of coffee. I have a tendency to get caught up in the black hole that is the internet. I start by reading this amazing article on chocolate chip cookies and a man’s journey to finding the best recipe, and somehow end up an hour later watching a Beyoncé video. Why does it always end with a Beyoncé video? Here are some other things I like...

Learn some new words with these cute animal illustrations!

Moscow mules. Homemade ginger beer? Copper mugs? Count me in.

I love this article that Meaghan Burke wrote on the Dead Language blog. So insightful, and just an overall great read.

I am drooling. And looking for malt powder. And prepping my bundt pan.

The psychology of reality tv. I may occasionally love/hate watch The Bachelor.

Yum. Potstickers. Who wants to come over and make these with me? 

Get your Jane Austen-nerd on!

Speaking of Beyoncé, read Nico Muhly's review of her new album!