Let's talk about theme songs / by and Play

Before I get to the point of this post I need to make a little confession. I have been watching Ally McBeal. On Netflix. Late at night. Whilst eating Milanos. Yes, you read correctly. I am watching a show from the 90’s about a lawyer who sees nonexistent dancing babies and seems to fall or get hit by elevator doors at least three times per episode. But despite the predominantly questionable content of this show it has made me think a lot about the importance of theme songs

At one point in the show Ally’s shrink tells her that she needs to pick out a theme song for herself. This song needs to be something upbeat and conjured up whenever Ally is feeling low or unsure of herself. This sounded a little kooky at first, but after some consideration I am totally in. 

In the early fall Hannah showed me this awesome app called Songza. It makes playlists for you based on the activity that you are doing. I have had good (nay, amazing) gym mixes, lazy day/lounge mixes, and crazy dance party playlists all given to me via my phone/iPad! Once in the early fall after an andPlay rehearsal Hannah and I put on the ‘Walking on Sunshine’ mix. The first song was Jackie Wilson singing (Your love keeps lifting me) Higher and Higher, and I fell IN LOVE. This is the song that my brain plays for me heart when it is feeling a bit heavy. It never fails. It turns me into a smiling/dancing machine! 

What is your theme song?